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This is what you need to know

HESI BIOPHARMA is an insect protein processing laboratory developed in a growing and disruptive market that enables sustainable transformation of animal and human food production.


Most of the pioneering companies and recent operations (2018) have revalued their investment by more than 1,000% in a market with growing needs for more sustainable production that is in harmony with the environment and the objectives of the SDGs.

International markets and investors recognize the potential for exponential growth in insect production as contingent on the food challenges of the future.


The promoters of the project have 30 years of experience in research and development of innovative products for the animal feed, supplement and drug industry.


HESI BIOPHARMA was selected by FEDER FUNDS for its innovation and action against climate change and receives a co-financing of seed capital for the amount of € 270M.

For the year 2021, HESI BIOPHARMA stablishes a strategic and financial partnership with the international firm BAM-MENTORS, as additional support for the project development and expansion.


HESI BIOPHARMA will carry out its operations in the region of Galicia in Spain, as a strategic center of production and distribution for the European market, with the support of the Xunta de Galicia in an industrial warehouse of 1503 m2.

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