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We are ready to feed the world with a new model that respects the cycle of life and eliminates the overexploitation of land, sea and water
The opportunity

HESI BIOPHARMA starts an innovative and disruptive business with the ability to mitigate the effects of climate change, leveraging a sustainable agricultural transition and productive development bioeconomy harmonized with the priorities of the planet.

HESI BIOPHARMA offers high quality insect proteins for the animal and plant industries, using the principles of bioeconomy  sustainability, environment and scarcity of natural resources.


We're taking raw material waste and using insects to help recycle that waste into a variety of powerful, high-quality proteins originating from the production of the tenebrio molitor insect.


HESI BIOPHARMA has human talent with extensive experience in nutrition, formulation and marketing, as well as experience in the processing and inclusion of our products in a wide variety of applications.  


If you have a new idea and want  invest in our company, we would be even more excited to explore it with you.


Our team is committed to making insects a sustainable, profitable and highly attractive medium for investors committed to the planet.

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