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Innovation to feed the world and support our planet




The optimum alternative to enable a more sustainable production of animal and pet food in harmony with the planet and the environment is leveraging the potential insects have to offer through the supply of high-quality and safe nutrients.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations agrees


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          What do we produce?

We only breed insects approved by the EFSA for use in animal and human food.

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        What  problem do we solve?

The consumption of animal protein will increase by more than 70% in the next 15 years and the arable land is no longer sufficient to generate protein to make food for animal production.

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        What is our vision?

We contribute to the future of human and animal nutrition in a safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way.

We are committed to develop the highest quality insect based products.
We pride ourselves on driving sustainable product innovations and producing better, more natural and sustainable food. 
Sustainability and SDGs
No arable land is required, leaving more farmland to grow more food for people. Also, no added water is required since all the water the insects need comes from the recycled fruits and vegetables in their diet. Tenebrio molitor larvae’s are highly efficient source of nutrients produced with minimum impact for the planet.
Investing in insect based animal and human food is among the most sustainable activities.
Back to nature
Animals regularly forage for insects as food. Free range chickens will look for insects in the grass. Fishing enthusiasts use worm baits on the ends of their rods to catch fish. Birds, cats and a wide variety of animals enjoy insects as part of their natural diet.




    Human talent


   Seed capital


    SDG Compliance
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